The Enigma Ethos

Enabling people with long enduring mental health problems to emphasise and energise with each other in a safe, calm environment.

New friends can be made because there is a positive understanding of each other.

Infusion of ideas from amongst people within the group.

Group peer support, people supporting one another empathetically through shared experiences of emotional and psychological pain.

Mindfulness is practised within the groups as it is a proven way to help eliminate pressures in a calm manner, aiding overall wellbeing.

Acquire new coping skills for people that struggle with overwhelming emotional feelings and thoughts.

What our members say:

The group is run by people who care and can help support you by working through coping skills for difficult times. It's a very welcoming group and is something I look forward to each week.
- Alison
Enigma has been a lifesaver to me in the past few months. I now feel a sense of belonging in my world of fear and worthlessness, working from the DBT workbook in a small group helps me to learn ways of controlling my emotions rather than controlling me.

I am learning to accept myself and just by doing that it gives me the headspace sometimes to feel I'm worth helping. I can even go as far to say with the support Enigma gives me 'I am proud of how hard I have worked and the changes I have made' which is huge as I never thought I could feel proud of myself or improve my mental health.
- Jodi
Enigma is more than just another peer support group, it is a place of safety, refuge and a lifeline.

I joined Enigma in September 2015 and having never been diagnosed I had always struggled to access help and information. Enigma offers support to anyone facing emtional daily challenges, and unlike most help groups there is no finish date, and that in itself gives a sense of relief and stability.

The group is purposefully kept small to allow an equal say and to make it less overwhelming. We work from a Dialectical Behavioural therapy book which allows for discussion, and that in itself is helpful. You suddenly realise you are not alone with your problems, and there are other people who have similar issue. Suddenly you find you can be yourself and even make friendships because you are respected and not made fun of for having 'issues'.

Enigma encourages us to keep a Me book, which can basically be anything you like but it is another coping method and one that I find extremely useful. I keep a diary, notes from the work we do at Enigma and photos of my days out. This helps me keep track of my emotions and gives me the freedom to express myself.
- Rachel
The freedom to explore my illness without fear of judgement or stigma. The confidence to find out who I am, what I like and don't like, and why I feel like I do. It also gives me the strength to confront my illness and discover ways to control and stabilise my moods and move forward with my life.

My life is important and worth fighting for.
- Millie
This group has been integral to my progress and I
owe it everything
- Anon