How To Join Enigma

In the first instance please contact us so that we can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet, and to discuss whether you think Enigma would be the right group for you. We'll try to contact you within 48 hours. At the meeting if both parties agree that you can attend we'll arrange a day for you to start with a group.

On attending we ask each member to complete a personal details form with their own details/the details of a next of kin, as well as a terms and conditions form and also to sign up to the values of our group constitution.

How Enigma Works

Enigma works by encouraging and supporting individuals in their own recovery journey. We work on exercises from the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Workbook at a pace to suit all members. We ask that each individual purchase their own book as it contains a number of exercises.

Kirsty's Creative 'Me' Book

Members are also encouraged to keep 'Me' books. These act as optional 'journals' for members to record their thoughts, feelings, or otherwise express themselves in ways that they choose such as drawings, poetry etc.

Referral and Cost

Individuals can self-refer or be referred by a healthcare professional.

We know attending new groups and meeting new people can be very intimidating. If you are anxious about meeting us we try to work with you to meet you at the entrance, or your can bring another person (for example, a carer, partner or friend) to the first few sessions.

We charge £2.50 per two hour session to cover the rent of the premises. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.